As a leader in health care training, we no doubt understand the pressing need for qualified health care professionals in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. We are Bell Tech Career Institute, Inc., a non-profit vocational training institute to train health care professional.

As we go back to 1995, when me and my husband started home health care business, our living room was used as the launching pad to take care of the community at a very low scale which was only with two service providers. Gradually, as we got more involved into the business, we felt it to be necessary to train the home health care personnel to ensuring complete satisfaction of consumers. Keeping this motivation in mind, with only one program i.e. Nurse Aide training, we established Bell Tech Training School in 1998 in a rented commercial building. As our students started earning good name out of their quality services, we started receiving tremendous requests to start all other nursing programs. As a result, we ventured a new program which is Vocational Nurse. We continued our journey with limited resources and tried our best to help the community members ensuring healthy living. Despite all the difficulties and limitations, later, we decided to spend from our pocket to venture our own Academic building. As a result, Bell Tech Career Institute start a new journey in her own building in 2015. Although we spent from our pocket but of course, it was only possible for the moral support of our consumers, students, friends and benevolent in taking this high risk. As on today, Bell Tech is providing quality training to build Nurse Aides, Vocational Nurse and Patient Care Technician. We are also ready to start with more 3 programs. But due to the acute shortage of resources and fund constrains we are unable to afford to equip our training labs and class rooms with modern equipment like simulator and all other equipment to make the training classes more practical and live. Even though we have sufficient space to accommodate all those equipment, we are not still capable to buy unless we get financial support from the person like you.

Moreover, many of our promising healthcare professionals could not start or complete their training because of fund crisis. As we do not have any educational grant approval therefore, we are unable to offer any financial help to the students even though we have all the desire. As a result, the students are unable to enroll even though they have potentiality to qualify as a dedicated health professional. In view of all these situation as narrated above, we are requesting you to donate $50,000 to help Bell Tech Career Institute, Inc. in assisting its students in their training and installing simulators and all other necessary equipment. By donating, you will be able to support at least 6 different nursing programs with at least 150 students to be a skilled nursing professional who will take care of at least 1500 consumers every year all over Houston, Texas.

If you would like to sit down and have a discussion about donating time, money, or services, you can contact me directly at 281-734-9044 or email me at: S2132DIRECTOR@BELLTECHCAREERINSTITUTE.COM